Deepen the connection between you and your partner as you unplug from your “to-do-list” and reserve a fun date night on the dance floor at one of our upcoming group ballroom dance classes.

Our group classes are designed to give you and your partner the techniques and tools you need to quickly and easily learn each dance with style and confidence.

We keep our class sizes small to ensure you receive the personalized attention you deserve while learning so you can feel greater confidence and ease when you’re out on the social dance floor.

"You could say that my husband and I have two left feet, or at least we used to!  This was before we were able to participate in dance lessons from Ted and Kimberly Ross.  Through their highly personalized and effective dance coaching, we transformed from a swaying slow dance couple into a couple that moves and grooves together!  Dancing created a fantastic new confidence and energy between us! Although I have taken other dance classes in the past, none provided the personal attention and teaching style that Ted and Kimberly Ross provide.  I'm excited for anyone who takes the opportunity to learn from them!"

~ Ilana Craig Alberico, Founding Partner, Innovative Spa Management

“We highly recommend taking dance lessons from Ted and Kimberly. They are amazing teachers. My girlfriend and I had a great time.” ~ Kevin Bush


Whether you’re single, or have a partner, there’s no better way to fine tune your dancing skills than signing up for private dance lessons with Ted and Kimberly Ross. 

With our private dance coaching, you’ll receive individualized instruction and the opportunity to choose the dances you want to learn most. You’ll be amazed at how quickly your dancing improves. Whether you’re a beginner, a competition level dancer, or somewhere in between, we’ve got you covered.

“Dancing lessons with Ted and Kimberly were very fun! Ted and Kimberly are fantastic teachers and I learned a lot. Would definitely recommend.” ~ Michala Lee

It’s time to connect…

It’s time to connect…